Thursday, October 7, 2010

top 10 T Shirt

10. Josh Principe

Josh Principe has designed many t shirts of varying styles, one of my favorite ones being the image showcased below!


9. Justin White

Justin White has designed some amazing tees which often use lots of color and long flowing lines.

8. Matt Lyon of C86

Matt Lyon has some really fun and colorful t shirt designs that keep your eyes moving and searching for cool new details constantly!

7. Kneil Melicano

Kneil Melicano is a designer and illustrator will a very detailed t shirt design style.

6. Flying Mouse

Flying Mouse is a great designer who submits a lot of his work to Threadless. he has many wining submissions which is not an easy thing to achieve!

5. Ray Frenden

Ray Frenden is a talented illustrator and t shirt designers who creates powerful, colorful and clean lined illustrations for t shirts, identities and more.

4. Ed Pincombe

Ed Picombe is a t shirt designer with a unique style who has had many great submissions get accepted to

3. Jeff Finley

Jeff Finley is a graphic designer and part owner of Go Media. He is well known not only for his design studio, but also for the amazing t shirt designs he creates!

2. AJ Dimarucot

Aj Dimarucot is well known for his visual art masterpieces and his t shirt designs are no exception. His tee designs are very graphic, colorful and will be sure to make any t lover’s heart melt.

1. Herman Lee

Herman Lee has to be my personal favorite t shirt designer! His style is one of a kind and he is well known in the t shirt design community.

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