Friday, December 3, 2010

10 Things That Kids Shouldn’t Do On Internet

Internet is progressively working and is on its path to success. People love to take benefits from different websites and so as children. The children also use internet for chatting and other communication purposes but they and the parents must take a lot of precautionary measures while using internet. Here I have mentioned 10 important points which should be kept in mind. Users should not do it while utilizing internet even trustworthy website as well.

protect Kids of internet

1. Websites Marked 18 and Older

Keep your children restricted while opening the websites which could be seen by adults above 18 only because these sort of sites contains mature topics, vulgar language content and videos. So always use some parental security software to block these sites so that your children could not access to them.

2. Talk To Strangers

Clarify your kids not to interact much with the strangers on internet. Because dangerous people get the information which should not be known to them, they can misuse that information.

3. Give Out Personal Information

Tell your children not to give personal identification or information to the unknown people on internet. This also can create problems to you.

4. Bully Other Kids

As there are many people who send cramp mails and make publicity of rumors & gossips. So make sure that your children try not to trust that sort of false information.

5. Sending Vulgar Kind of Images

Most of the websites publish vulgar images and then people use to send them to others. So these sites creates trouble for children’s manners and should be restricted.

kids internet

6. Accept Stuff From Strangers

Some times unknown messages, images and mails are sent by the strangers the information which it contains gives shock to the children. So advise your kids no to open them.

7. Avoid Parents’ Credit Card Usage

Some dangerous people want to know the secret information regarding bank accounts and credit cards numbers. So tell your kids to avoid contacting those people.

8. Download Pirated Stuff

Advise your children not to install pirated songs/videos from illegal sites because court can sue a case on your innocent children if they adopted the wrong way.  

9. Agree To Online Contacts

Never trust on a person who shows you an innocent picture of a baby as well because it might be possible that robbers or other dangerous people take advantage of your personal information and your kids could be caught in trouble.

10. Send Mature Pictures

If somebody is asking you to send your picture then just never send him/her your picture and simply block him/her from your account. you can also report to this behavior to the site provider.
Hence, you must tell your children, who are under 18, that not to use illegal websites and not to exchange personal information, images and videos etc to the unknown people while using internet.


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