Friday, December 3, 2010

funny... Only in Pakistan : just for fun

Only in Pakistan

Ambitions are high in race although car is down :)

A fusion of Tech and animals!

Playing with electricity.

One place left on the speedo meter. Wanna join?

Look how straight forward Pakistanis are :)

How to extract 1000% effiecieny from a train :)

People are coming back from a religious gathering held once in a year and is very popular.

We don"t need a spiderman to fix this clock!

Loaded or overloaded!

Tht's why Goverment is trying to control population to save BIKES.

Only in Pakistan!

Waiting for chicks or security :)

OH. one policeman is down :)

another example of how we exract the maximum benefits from vehicles. LOL

25 hours?


Adidas in Pakistan!

Security check outside a Hall

Shoes robbery is a big issue in pakistan!

Women Police. Dare to offend!

Hitting the master.

A traditional way to find lice. But in a row of 4 is funny.                     
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