Friday, February 18, 2011

Signs a Man is Falling in Love With You


the signs of a man falling in love to a woman

One of the signs a man is falling in love with you is his overwhelming desire to spend time with you. This doesn't necessarily mean that he wants to devote all of his free time to you, but he does enjoy being with you more than anything else. When a man is developing strong feelings for a woman he'll rearrange his entire schedule just to see her and he'll want to talk to her several times a day. If your guy calls you up just to say hi and wants to see you as often as possible, he's definitely falling in love. You can take a lot of comfort in the fact that he isn't making excuses for why he can't see you. When a man does this it typically means he's not feeling a very strong emotional connection.

Another indicator of a man who is moving past the stages of like into love is he'll want to talk about you more than he'll want to talk about himself. Many men are a bit self focused by nature and when they are still testing the dating waters, they enjoy sharing information about themselves. You and what is going on in your life is a second priority to them. However, when a man is falling in love that focus shifts and he just can't get enough of the woman he adores. He'll want to know everything there is to know about you from where you were born to every detail about your day. When a man always brings up what is going on in his life or the things he enjoys, he's yet to fall in love.

If the man you are with now values your opinion and asks you to help him make important decisions, that's a very promising sign. Many men are hesitant to involve a woman in decisions, until they find one that steals their heart away. You don't need to question what he's feeling for you once he starts doing this. He's well on his way to being crazy in love with you.


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