Thursday, May 19, 2011

Top 10 Most Expensive Things


1) Most Expensive shoes in the world (1 Million Pounds)

These shoes are perfect for Queens! The best thing is, these shoes are even bullet-proof! The Wizard of Oz, were woven from platinum thread and set with 642 rubies. They were designed by Stuart Weitzman.

2) Most Expensive Haircut (1,935 pounds)

Designed by london stylist Lee Stafford, it is currently the most expensive hairtcut in the world. He calls it a “coture cut”.

3)The Most Expensive Watch (11$ million)

It is the most expensive watch as well as one of the most complicated watches ever made. The gold pocket watch features 24 complications, it includes many other functions than just showing time, hour and seconds!

4)The most expensive Mobile in the World (28,000 pounds)

This beautifully gold and diamond coated mobile, made by Motorola, is currently the most expensive one. Peter Aloisson is the creator of this beautiful piece of art. He covered it in 1200 diamonds and featuring a keyboard soaked in 18-carat gold!

5)The Most Expensive Tie in the World (1 crore)

The Indian Actor , Salman Khan wore the Most Expensive tie in the world. The tie, studded with 261 diamonds of 77 carat each and made of pure silk with 150 grams of gold, is priced at a whopping Rs 1 crore. The designer of this Amazing tie is Satya Paul

6)The Most Expensive Perfume (47,500 pounds)

Inspite of being in a very small package, it is the best things that come in small packages. The fragrance, created by renowned British perfumer Arthur Burnham, is held in a 4 in bottle made with platinum, 24 carat gold, rubies and diamonds. And who will buy such a small perfume for 47,500 pounds? Michael Jackson has order two and Mike Tyson 3.

7) Most Expensive Pen ($265,000)

Designed by a Swiss Company Caran d’Ache, this silver pen has 18-karat gold pen point and is pave-set with 5,072 diamonds and 96 half-cut rubies!

8) Most Expensive Teabag (7,500 pounds)

This teabag was made by Boodles jewelers to celebrate PJ tips 75th birthday. It took three months to make and has been hand-crafted using 280 diamonds.

9)The most expensive Jeans (Over $4,000)

APO jeans have designed this jeans, Buttons and rivets are made with precious metals or, if a customer is willing to shell out $4,000 or more, up to a dozen white diamonds on the main button.

10) The Most Expensive Thing in The world (More Than 100 Million Pounds)
       The Millennium Star Diamond

“The Millennium Star” currently exhibited at the Millennium Dome in London, is the most valuable diamond in the world. The diamond is a pearl-shaped. It is a 203 carat, completely flawless diamond. “The London Evening Star” has insured “The Millennium Star” for 100 million pounds. The Real value of this diamond is considered many times more than that

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