Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Top Ten ways to Slim-Down for Summer


1.    Eat fresh. Eat Local and Eat well. Fill up on fruit and veg and buy local wherever you can. That way the food will be fresh, colourful and delicious motivating you to pick up an apple rather than that chocolate bar. Eating a balanced meal, three times a day (don't forget breakfast) is key to losing weight and getting a bikini-fit bod for Summer.

2.    Slim Scent Pens. These revolutionary new pens give off a scent that can rid you off that nagging desire to snack. Check out MoreEco's shop to find out more.

3.    Enjoy the fresh air. There is no better way to tone up for Summer than enjoying the outdoors. Make the most of the beautiful spring weather by going for a walk or a bike ride. For those of you who want to try something a little harder, jogging can be a fantastic way to strip off those excess pounds and enjoy the sunshine (it's good for your lungs and circulation too!)

4.    Spring Clean. There's nothing better for a new diet than organizing the rest of your life. The added bonus being – cleaning burns those calories! Spring clean your house, recycle those things you don't need, take those extra clothes to the charity shop and get the whole family ship-shape for Summer.

5.    Holland & Barrett's. MoreEco have a brilliant cash back service with Holland & Barrett's meaning you can get all the vitamins and nutrients you need, for less. Ensuring that you take those supplements will clear your skin and help cleanse your body.

6.    Less Washing. Many people are unaware of the effects that too many showers or baths can have on your skin. Washing your hair or skin too much can lead to brittle hair and dry skin that then requires moisturizing or conditioning. Save some water and wash less!

7.    Eco-Shopping. Find an eco-bikini you love and use it as an incentive to slim-down for the beach. Buying an item of clothing you adore that is maybe a little too small is a fantastic incentive to stick to your diet and shed those pounds.

8.    Plan Ahead. The best advice that you can be given is to plan ahead. Not only does this help you stick to your diet rules but it also means you won't waste food.

9.    Cut Down the Meat. Replace some of your weekly meat allowance with fruit and vegetables for a healthier (and greener) meal.

10.    Ditch the Car. There is nothing better for the mind and body than a good long walk in the morning. Walk to work and see the pounds fall away. Feel and look better in no time with the added benefit of being eco-friendly.


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