Friday, June 10, 2011


INNOVATION three students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Lampung (Unila) quite extraordinary. Namely, Sirojudin, Deny Pradeep, and Adam Hussein. Inlaid in one team, the trio managed to make Anatrus (3D organ anatomy atlas to high school education).

Sirojudin said that this finding stems from their enjoyment of the objects are three dimensional (3D), which can be exploited in the media in Indonesia learning 3D programs are still rare. ''In other countries, the program is already there. However, for use in Indonesia is still rare. So, we tried to make programs,''the light Sirojudin when found in the laboratory of electro Unila yesterday (8 / 6).

He claimed, in Indonesia this Anatrus first time they are made. ''It's based on our previous Google search did not find it. Except that the 2D version,''he said as he says, professors they were filing process intellectual property rights (IPR) Anatrus his work.
Admittedly, the idea emerged to start making Anatrus medical learning tools. However, they suggested teachers cater for the high school level learning.

Anatrus this, he added, is very useful to help students and teachers from high school. Because with Anatrus, students can also learn by themselves in their homes.
According to him, the installation process very easy Anatrus on the computer. Because using the features one click installer. In pengoperasionalannya enough with a single click, programs can be directly used. In it there is simulated the motion of the frame and body organs such as nerve and heart muscle to contraction and relaxation, as well as joints.
Anatrus''In making this, the three of us share the task. In among them is the search for sources of image data and the material anatomy. There also are working on the 3D motion by using 3D max software and create a program to be integrated,''he said.
Sirojudin also admitted, if in making this Anatrus, they had difficulty. In among them as a tool that inadequate capacity. ''So in the test program, we must move from the central computer in a computer lab Unila to engineering faculty,''he said.

Now, he added, Sirojudin together Deny Pradeep and Aam Husein middle of his work to socialize them. While our new''presented at SMA 5 Bandarlampung,''said Sirojudin. (Hyt/c3/rim)

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