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top 10 BlackBerry Applications 2011

10. Ascendo Fitness Calculators for BlackBerry 2.35 

Ascendo Fitness Calculators for BlackBerry 2.35 box shot 

The Ascendo Fitness Calculators for BlackBerry application provides quick and easy calculations of some of the most important values in determining your health and physical well-being. Essentially, you just enter your height, weight, age and gender and the program does the rest.

Calculations provided by the application include your healthy weight range and ideal weight, Body Mass Index (BMI), and the dreaded Body Fat Percentage. The program can calculate your Basal Metabolism Rate which is the number of calories you burn daily while doing nothing. You can also get a reading on the number of calories required to maintain, reduce, or increase your weight. That’s important to know in order to figure how much food you should consume and the amount of exercise you should be getting. It will also tell you your maximum and target heart rates to help you get the most out of your exercise regimen.
For the most part, the calculators packaged as Ascendo Fitness Calculators are also part of the more comprehensive Ascendo Fitness application. While Ascendo Fitness doesn’t include a specific calculator for Calories Required, it provides equivalent information with its Daily Net Calories feature. The Body Fat Percentage calculator is unique to Ascendo Fitness Calculators but it is just another way of expressing the value noted in the BMI.

Ascendo Fitness Calculators sells for $14.95. If you only need the calculator functions, it’s a worthwhile investment. On the other hand, Ascendo Fitness, at $29.99, is a much more inclusive program which contains the Calculators functions and a lot more. You’ll often see the two applications sold together at a discount from the separate price. If you really need the independent Body Fat Percentage calculator, go ahead and get both but our recommendation is to buy just Ascendo Fitness.
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9. MessageScheduler 1.0.1 

MessageScheduler 1.0.1 box shot 

MessageSchedule provides a handy alternative for sending email and PIN messages that is missing from the standard BlackBerry program. With it, you can compose an email or PIN message and set it to be sent at a future time that you designate. It can be particularly useful in sending a message to yourself for an important reminder. MessageScheduler is integrated so completely with the BlackBerry programming that it doesn’t even seem like an additional program is running. It simply adds a couple of options to the menus.
To use it, start by composing the email or PIN message exactly as normal. When complete, press the menu key and select Save Draft. Next, highlight the saved draft in the message list and again press the menu key. Select Schedule Send, set the date and time that you’d like the message to be sent and click OK. That’s all there is to it. Try it once and you’ll find that it’s easier to do than it is to reading this paragraph.
It is necessary to leave the BlackBerry device turned on until after the designated time has passed for MessageScheduler to work. If the device is rebooted before that time, the saved draft will display a red X next to it in the message list and it would have to be rescheduled in order to be sent. Scheduled messages will, however, still be sent at the assigned time even if the device is locked or holstered.
MessageScheduler is a very helpful application that adds the option of sending email or PIN messages at a point in the future. It is available from the developer’s web site,, for $8.95.
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8. StudentDocket 2.0.005 

StudentDocket 2.0.005 box shot 

StudentDocket provides an easy to use, logically organized task management program with the specific needs of students in mind. It’s a whole lot better than keeping track of myriad scraps of paper with random reminders or trying to make do with a business-oriented project management program. StudentDocket’s top down view begins with the creation of classes from the main page. Load each class with information including course name and location as well as scheduling details, curriculum requirements and notes specific to the class. There’s also a place for teacher information like name, office hours and location, email address and phone number.
Large tasks such a major papers, exams and projects can be managed in logical steps, facilitating planning and helping to keep you on schedule. For example, a major task such as a term paper could include milestones like concept development, research, creating an outline, first draft and final due date. Each can be managed with independent due dates culminating in the final product. A complete overview is available by opening the project display.
Assignments and other projects can be viewed as due today, tomorrow, due this week, due this month or due within a user-definable timeframe. Assignment due dates can also be viewed by class. Enter notes for each assignment with memory-jogging information. To ensure that valued information isn’t lost, backups can easily be performed with each routine backup of the BlackBerry device with the BlackBerry Desktop Manager program.
StudentDocket provides a project management and task scheduling application that is organized around classes and the realities of campus life. The new Timeline provides a comprehensive look at what’s to come to aid in overall planning.
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7. Weight Tracker 2.0.6 

Weight Tracker 2.0.6 box shot 
Weight Tracker can be an important ally in fighting the battle of the bulge. It couldn’t be easier to use…just enter your weight daily. The date is automatically entered so you don’t have the opportunity to add dates you’ve missed or historical data you may have kept. There aren’t many options available on this application but you can choose to record weight in pounds or kilograms and there are six options for the date format. You can also set a target weight and the date you’d like to reach that goal. With that information, the program will suggest your daily caloric intake to reach the target. It will also calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI), compare it to standard values and suggest an ideal weight range for your height. Weight can be displayed in weekly and monthly list and graph formats.
That’s about all there is to this little application.  

Weight Tracker's primary value is its simplicity…it’s easy enough that you’re likely to really use it. On the other hand, it’s a very bare bones application for the $19.99 price tag. If you’re looking for a more powerful fitness application, we’d recommend Ascendo Fitness which is reviewed in this category. It’s a bit more expensive but far more capable.
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6. UnitConverter 1.7.2 

UnitConverter 1.7.2 box shot 
UnitConverter makes quick conversions of units of measure in a very wide variety of categories. There are the usual ones you’d expect such as distance, mass, temperature, time, volume and even computer storage. There are also a whole bunch of conversions that you likely wouldn’t expect like electrical charge and current, illumination, torque, viscosity, and radioactivity. Those may not be important in day-to-day life but would be critical and very handy for those in specific occupations.  Conversions within a measurement system are available such as feet in a mile or grams in a kilogram. Cross system conversions are also easy to make such as yards in kilometer or liters per gallon. These can be particularly useful as the world becomes ever more homogenous and are musts for travelling internationally. All conversions are made the same way. Select the type of unit you’re converting such as distance or temperature. Then select the unit from which you’re converting and the quantity, and finally select the unit to which you’re converting. You also have the option of setting accuracy from zero to fifteen decimal points. Really huge or miniscule answers are displayed with exponential notation.
We tested a number of calculations for accuracy within the English and metric systems, Fahrenheit to Celsius temperature conversions, and a number of metric to English and vice versa conversions. Calculations were instantaneous and accurate.
UnitConverter proveed to be a useful tool for making measurement conversions that are frequently encountered. It’s easy to use and very quick. At a cost of $5.99 it’s well worth it’s price if you need to make these sorts of conversions.
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5. Adorno! MultiAlarm Pro 2.1.0 

Adorno! MultiAlarm Pro 2.1.0 box shot 
Adorno! MultiAlarm Pro is alarm clock software that allows you to set multiple alarms to help you stay on schedule. Accessing the versatile tool begins by selecting ”Create”. From that point you can name the alarm event and decide on several frequencies, including fixed date, daily, hourly, or once. A handy weekly alarm option allows you to specify which days of the week the particular notification should be given. Choose from three alarm sounds or assign any sound or song that you have stored on your device or MicroSD card. There are also six alarm volume settings and a vibrate option. If you still find it necessary to procrastinate a bit, there are options that can be set in advance allowing for up to 15 minutes before the next reminder. The user interface takes a bit of getting used to but ultimately is fairly easy to use. If you’re not careful it’s easy to set up an alarm but forget to activate it so when assigned time comes around, nothing happens…not at all unlike those nights that I judiciously set my alarm clock to get up earlier than usual but neglect to turn it on. Be careful that the alarm you’ve saved is actually activated.
Adorno claims that the application can be used to fall asleep to music but we haven’t been clever enough to figure out how to do that. We asked for clarification via their email link but didn’t receive a response.
Adorno! MultiAlarm Pro is good application for setting multiple alarms and provides a wide selection of options and is easy to use with a little practice. It’s available for a recently reduced price of $8.49 from the manufacturer’s web site, There is also a free trial available and we always encourage trials to make sure that the application meets your needs before plunking down your money.
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4. Gym Technik 1.2 

Gym Technik 1.2 box shot 
Whether you’re just getting started on a fitness regimen or are a seasoned gym rat, Gym Technik is a handy mobile web application that assists in planning your workout routines and keeping track of them on the spot. The application is free of charge and easy to set up. Initial set up requires using your computer but you can add workouts and exercises on the handheld. After creating a user name, you’ll be guided through the process of setting up workouts based on body part such as arms, shoulders, abs, back and legs. There is also a section for setting up cardio and custom workouts. The program includes a large number of exercises for each workout. For example, it features forty-five exercises for arms, twenty-three for the back, and eight cardio exercises and each one features instructions for correct execution. You can design custom workouts and add other exercises as you choose.
Using the mobile portion of the application is deceptively simple and you may initially think that you’re missing something. As a web based application, there’s nothing to download to your BlackBerry. Just point the browser to and log in using the user name and password you established on the computer and then the workouts you established on the computer appear. Click the workout of your choosing and begin. Each exercise will appear in turn and you simply enter the pertinent data such as weight and repetitions per set. You can add exercises to your workouts directly on the BlackBerry. When a workout is complete, a recap of the exercises completed is displayed. The workout is automatically uploaded to the Gym Technik web site.
It’s a little surprising that more information isn’t displayed on the mobile device but that simplicity is exactly what makes it a program you’re likely to use in the gym. Accessing your account on the Gym Technik site provides a workout calendar, shows the results you entered for each exercise on the mobile device and graphs progress over time.
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As a free application you can’t beat the price of Gym Technik. What’s more important is that its design is usable and informative enough that it can really help in achieving your fitness goals.
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3. CallNotes 1.1 

CallNotes 1.1 box shot 
Toysoft’s CallNotes application makes it easy to remember to make a quick written record of phone calls. At the conclusion of a call, CallNote pops up a screen with options for Note, Task, and Follow Up. Selecting Note allows for jotting down a quick memo to yourself. Choosing Task opens the BlackBerry task application to set the standard status, prioritizing and reminder features. Perhaps the handiest option is the one labeled Follow Up. Selecting Follow Up automatically adds a corresponding entry in the BlackBerry calendar application so you end up with an appointment to follow up on as you choose. Because CallNote results in entries being made in the embedded BlackBerry calendar and task list applications, they are automatically copied to Outlook when you synchronize your device. CallNotes has an option to prompt you to make a record of all calls or only those that exceed a user-definable duration such as a minute or two. CallNote works exactly the same on both incoming and outgoing calls and it performed without a glitch during the review period.
CallNotes makes it easy to quickly create a record of your phone conversations. It’s a practical way to ensure that you’ll remember commitments made during those calls so you always make a great impression on colleagues, clients, family and friends. The program is available for $9.95 and offers a 7-day free trial. We always suggest taking advantage of trials to ensure that an application meets your needs before buying.
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2. NotNow 1.2 

NotNow 1.2 box shot 
NotNow makes it easy for you to ignore incoming phone calls but still let the caller know by text message, that you got the message. You can set up the application to let your caller know when you’ll call back or any other message you’d like to give. When receiving a call that you can’t take, simply press “Ignore” and a series of user-definable SMS text messages appears. Select the message that fits the situation and send it. The application comes preprogrammed with messages such as “Call you ASAP”, “Can’t talk…In meeting” and “Call Me at Home” but you can modify them or add others. You can even tailor messages for particular callers like “Busy! Busy! Busy!” if the caller happens to be the boss. You can also use NotNow in an advanced Do Not Disturb mode when you want your phone to automatically ignore calls but still send a message to callers. Activate the application manually or set up as an appointment in your BlackBerry calendar application to activate and then deactivate at scheduled times. When in this mode, NotNow will check your contact list for the caller’s mobile phone number. If the number is found, the text message that you’ve assigned to the Do Not Disturb feature will automatically be sent to the caller. If the caller’s number isn’t in your contact list, no message is sent.
When receiving an incoming call that you can’t answer, NotNow gives you an option in addition to the one-way communication provided by voice mail. You can immediately let the caller know, by text message, that you got the call and indicate what your plans are or what you’d like the caller to do.
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1. FitDeck Mobile BODYWEIGHT 1.5.3 

FitDeck Mobile BODYWEIGHT 1.5.3 box shot 
In school and little league football we called them calisthenics. Nobody particularly liked doing them but we all believed that they were good exercise. They’re still good exercises that can be done without equipment just about anywhere but, despite this application’s attempt to make a game of them by guessing which card color will come up next, there aren’t many who are going to find them fun. FitDeck Mobile BODYWEIGHT states that it’s not just another tracking app. Indeed it’s not a tracking app at all. The long and short of this program is that it presents fifty screens, which it calls cards, each of which has dated black-and-white drawings of someone performing an exercise. Under the drawings there are written instructions for completing the exercise correctly. The cards are color coded corresponding to upper, middle, lower, and total body exercises. Cards can be selected by name from a list, by category, or shuffled, allowing the application to randomly select the next exercise.
The FitDeck Mobile BODYWEIGHT application has value in that it can be a reminder to work out and it can offer advice regarding the correct execution of a given exercise. Nonetheless, we expect more of a BlackBerry application than can be gleaned from a poster on a gymnasium wall. There are numerous other applications in this category which are more worthy of consideration.
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