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Top 10 Cacti Gardens

1. Henderson, NV
Spanning 3 acres, Ethel M Botanical Cactus Gardens is situated at the Ethel M Chocolate Factory, Henderson, Nevada. The gardens can be easily be visited by the public. There are over 300 varieties of cacti plants and succulent species and is one of the rarest cacti collections in the United States.


2. Birmingham Botanical Gardens
In the two greenhouses located to the right of the subtropical house, the Mediterranean house contains beautiful plants such as azaleas, tulips and others while the art house is filled with cactus and succulents, all of which thrive in dry climates. Low level heating is undertaken when temperatures are freezing. Otherwise the museum is allowed to follow outdoor temperatures.


3. Timanfaya National Park, Canary Islands
The top attractions of Lanzarote include the dramatic volcanoes of the Timanfaya National Park and its golden hued sands. The Guatiza Cactus Garden is notable here and deserves a visit by travelers to this part of the world. Here you can find cacti in all colors, shapes and sizes.


4. The Stanford Cactus Garden 
The Arizona Cactus Garden spanning about 30,000 square feet, also known as the Stanford Cactus Garden, is a botanical garden specializing in cactus and succulents. You can find it in the campus of the Stanford University, Palo Alto, California, USA. It is open for visitors free of charge daily.


5. Cholla cactus garden at Joshua Tree National Park
Joshua Tree National Park is situated in southeastern California. Below 910m, the Colorado Desert encompasses the eastern part of the park and is noted for its natural gardens consisting of ocotillo, creosote bush, and cholla cactus.


6. Bermuda Botanical Gardens, Hamilton
Out of the five slat houses seen in these gardens, two house cacti and other succulent plants. In the lower house cacti are grown and on the top one can see the succulent varieties. You can find at least 1000 cacti varieties but not a large variety of succulents.


7. Arizona Cactus Garden
The Tovrea Castle and Carraro Cactus Gardens also are a must in your itinerary if you are studying about desert life. You can know about Arizona’s past and present by visiting this historic landmark which has undergone complete restoration recently!


8. Cactus Garden, Chandigarh
Cactus Garden in Chandigarh is presently called the National Cactus and Succulent Botanical Garden and Research Centre. Situated in the hub of Panchkula which is called the Satellite town of Chandigarh City, this garden is quite famous. The main aim behind the development of the garden was to conserve and preserve the rare species of succulents and cacti and to serve as a Tourist attraction.


9. The Cactus Garden at Park Hayarkon Tel Aviv
This garden is situated inside the park and is part of The Rocks Garden in Tel Aviv, Israel. It has many rare species of cacti and you can visit the tropical garden easily as admission is free of cost.


10. Kibutz Ma’agan-Michael
This Cactus Park which is a part of a botanical garden has a rare collection of 1,000 species of cactus and desert plants from around the world. Kibbutz Ein Gedi situated in the “Judean desert” also has a cactus garden which has several species such as Mammillaria, Ferocactus and others that can grow to the height of 10-15 feet.


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