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Top 10 Applications for Rugged Laptops

TopTenREVIEWS Rugged Laptop Review Top 10 List
By Emily Younker


While many people dream of owning a computer that can survive being carted around in a backpack, few realize there are rugged laptops out there that are used aplenty in the workplace. This list covers ten applications for which people use durable laptops. These jobs can be considered hazardous to the health, not to mention dangerous for any average electronic device. At TopTenREVIEWS We Do the Research So You Don't Have To.™

10 Construction

Some may be surprised to learn that technology is prevalent and thriving in the construction industry. Many construction workers use more technologically-advanced devices than the common populous. With databases containing information on underground power lines, fault lines and fleet vehicles, having a rugged laptop to keep track of all the information on site saves hours of time for the foreman. Dust, water and shock are no longer the construction-site killers of laptop computers.

9 Forestry

While driving along the mountain roads, passing gigantic logging trucks is a common occurrence. Forestry jobs have always been hazardous, even with all of the new safety equipment. While trying to keep track of all of the important coordinates and the information on the trees, these durable laptops can take the beating that the forest may happen to dish out. Whether it's being hit by a falling branch or being knocked off of a makeshift tree-stump table, these devices can handle it.

8 Agriculture]

Ever been in a combine and forgotten to wear a hat or protect your arms? The dust from the ground, let alone the harvested crop, can bring out allergies in the dead. Having a computer saturated with the dust can wreck havoc with the processor and keys. Agricultural researchers use rugged laptops to keep track of the weight, moisture and yield of the field, and they don’t worry about their computers freezing because of the particulates infiltrating the hardware.

7 Natural Resources

Natural resources are often located in difficult to reach places, such as in the desert, the ocean and inside mountains. Having a rugged laptop that can go anywhere and collect the needed data is a valuable asset. Not only are the geographical locations remote, but many of these places also contain unsafe gasses. Inhaling these gasses or particles is dangerous to the health, and sometimes electronic devices have been known to explode because of reactions of the gasses with the electricity. These durable laptops are hermetically sealed to remove the risk of these reactions.

6 Surveying

Before there are roads, there are surveyors. They go where few people have gone before, and get their work done. While trying to set up their equipment, they don’t want to worry about where they put their computer. With a rugged laptop, they can record all of the data and not worry about the weather or location. This is great news for places like Alaska or Russia, where warm weather isn’t a guarantee for a good portion of the year.

5 Utilities

Power lines span the country in every direction. Not only are there people to install and fix the transformers, but there are meters to read on practically every building. With GPS and Bluetooth technology, new software is being used to read meters from a distance. While some city workers no longer have to leave the street to read the meters, other field workers can be a hundred feet up a pole and still be connected to the information they need back at the office through their durable laptop.

4 Machinery

When machines go wrong, running diagnostic software is a great way to determine what happened. Trying to balance a flat computer on a bumpy engine is no easy task, and having it topple to the ground can require an expensive replacement. A rugged laptop with the diagnostic software installed makes a lot of mechanics happy. It also doesn’t hurt to be able to wash off the keyboard when it accidentally gets greasy due to the work environment.

3 Firefighter

Long hours and dangerous circumstances are expected when people sign on to be firefighters. Dealing with large amounts of water and extreme heat make this profession an ideal candidate for using a rugged computer. The sealed keyboards mean that even if the firefighters are wet, they don’t have to worry about using their rugged laptop with dripping gloves. They can stay connected when rushing to the next site that requires their attention.

2 Law Enforcement

Whether writing up a ticket, checking on registration or keeping in touch with the station, a durable laptop in the police vehicle is a great asset. The rugged laptops that can take a tumble to the ground and other abuse while tracking another vehicle mean the officers can stay informed while on the road. Not all police work takes place on flat roads at reasonable scenes; with these devices, officers don’t have to be gentle with their electronic equipment as they try to bring the criminals to justice.

1 Military
Soldiers are rarely in friendly environments, and more often than not they have to deal with sand, water and extreme temperatures. While they are trying to scout ahead or report on their missions, having a reliable computer is essential. Controlling robots, tagging GPS coordinates, keeping track of vehicles or communicating with other members of the team, rugged laptops are used quite a bit in military situations. Whether out in the field or in the base camp, durable computers may travel thousands of miles while keeping the information safe.

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