Sunday, January 8, 2012

21 December 2012

Mayan People
Mayan people who lived near the amazon river in south America predicts that earth's civilization will end at 21 December 2012. Many experts believe that at 21 December 2012 there will be a major catastrophe in earth. It is based on the research by john major jenkins about mayan calender. Actually Mayan tribe has two calender. One calender signs the end of their civilization and the others, according to experts, signed the end of Human Civilization. After Observing the calender, researching their cultures and converting year date and month, The calender is found to end in 21 December 2012 (The date of Winter solstice). It's not only Mayan who predicts that earth's civilization is going to end at 21 december. Many Tribes around the globe have the same prophecy.

The Hopy tribe
Hopi tribe is an Indian. actually Indian in America is divided into several tribes and Hopi is just one of them. According to Hopi, earth had changed its civilization four times. Their legend about the origin of beings is almost the same as the Bible said. The world where the first being lived is called the first world and the people is called the first people. Then, many people from this first world forgot about Sotuknang(the God who created this earth including four cluster of human, red, yellow, white and black) and The Almighty. The first world roasted and vanished in a great fire. a few people who has great morality enter the second world. although it's not as beautiful as the First, the Second is also wonderful. Slowly, egoism rised and they started to forget about the Almighty. The second world is frozen by the Almighty. The remnant continue in the third world. The people in the third world also like the before. only minorities who believe in God. Then The Almighty punished them by cascading water and flooded the earth. The Minorities then continue in the fourth world.

Hopi Tribe had ever made a holy promise,"We will always act as Your will forever. especially for hopis, God's Teachings is everlasting."

According to some experts who have studying this prophecy for years, they believed that the Hopi's prophecy indicates that the world will end around 2012.

Nostradamus Prophecy is the world's bestselling books after Bible. Some Experts also believe that Nostradamus also mention the end of the world at 2012.

Archaeolog believe that the scriptures encarved on the wall of Giza (Pyramid in Egypt) is a prophecy carved by the prophet at that time to warn us about the danger we will face. that's why the scriptures was design in a special way that they would hold out for thousands of years.


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