Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hunter Claimed To Have Found A Mythical Creature.

Cuero, TexasCanion, a hunter who spent four years in Africa, founded a killed-animal outside her ranch at Cuero. Canion has spent most of her life being a hunter as can be seen in her animals heads-fulled-house.

After founded animal which she called Cupracabra(in latin means Goat Sucking) with some of her neighbors, she keep the animal in freezer to preserve and to hide it from curious onlookers. She suspect The Cupracabra have killed 26 of her chickens for the past couple of years. She convinced that this animal was a blood sucking animal because her chickens was not eaten away but drained to dead.

The mammal has a large ear, fanged teeth, and hairless-grayish blue skin. Some veterinarians believed that this is just a mutt that adapted or even mutated.

even so, this unveiling has attracted both local and international craze. In fact, she has been selling T-Shirt to Japan, Australia and Brunei. "2007, The Summer Of Cupracabra, Cuero, Texas", a sentence quoted from the T-shirt.


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