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10. Lars Ulrich


I start off my top 10 with Lars Ulrich. I think the only reason he is in tenth place is purely because he is a new boy, and I'm an old git!!!

I've seen Metallica Live a few times, my fondest memory was a few tears ago now, but they played "Master of Puppets" and I just watched Lars drumming all the way through and loved every minute of it.

Lars Ulrich Drum Set Up

This is the classic Lars Ulrich set up and one I understand. This is very near my own set up, mind you, I've tried a few in my time!

9. Cozy Powell

Rainbow, Michael Schenker Group, Jeff Beck Group

Cozy was the backbone behind 2 of my favorite old rock bands, Rainbow and MSG. If you listen to Stargazer from the "Rainbow Rising" album for instance you will hear some of the best Rock drums ever.

Cozy Powell Drum Set Up

Classic 1981

This is the classic set up Cozy had for years 


8 Bill Ward

Black Sabbath

I remember back when I first started playing drums and playing in a teenage band called "Severed Head" (Stop sniggering in the the back) I was expected by my fellow band members to play just like Bill Ward. We were all massive Sabbath fans. Needless to say, I was just not good enough, but I soldiered through.

Bill Ward was the first drummer I tried to play like and even today, when I'm in rehearsal the thought goes through my mind "What would Bill Ward do here?"

Bill Ward Drum Kit

Bill's drumkit on the Reunion 99 Tour

Bill Ward's kit started off as a classic 4 and 5 piece kit and grew into a bit of a monster double bass drum set up in the 80's only to slim down again when he realised he actually didn't need them all!!


7 Scott Travis

Judas Priest

Scott Travis has been one of the longest serving drummers for Judas Priest, who never seemed to keep a drummer for more than an album or two. This guy has some amazing double bass drum work. I have included the video for Painkiller, one because I love the song and two, because of the drum intro...

Scott Travis Drum Set Up

Solid Double Bass

Classic metal kit, 2 bass drums and 2 toms in the middle. This is Travis touring kit with Judas priest.


6, Ian Paice

Deep Purple

Ian Paice, drummer with heavy rock band Deep Purple.

Purple have seen numerous line up changes throughout their long career, but he is the only drummer the band has had, playing on a whole string of million-selling albums.

Between 1973 to 76 Deep Purple were one of the biggest rock band in the world. Ian come from generation of drummers who brought a tight, precise, clean crisp sound taking the best from their predecessors and adding power.

Ian Paice Drum Set Up


Ian's drum set up was classic and simple, never on for a huge kit, just the basics but boy could he swing.


5 Alan White


Taking over from Bill Bruford was a hard task, but Alan White was up to the challenge. In fact in some ways I preferred him in Yes, he seemed to settle the music and on the albums where he could make the tracks his own, I think he provided a solid rock backbone for Yes as opposed to the jazzier style of Bruford.

4. Bill Bruford

Yes, King Crimson, Genesis, UK, Earthworks

When I started to get into drum rudiments, a drumming coach asked me what sort of music I liked, I told him "mainly Metal" and his heart sank. Then I said I liked progressive rock, Genesis, Yes and ELP. He brightened and said "OK, listen to Bill Bruford" so I did, and boy am I glad I did!

3. Phil Collins

Genesis, Brand X

To my mind these two drummers compliment each other perfectly, Apart from anything else, I believe, Phil Collins is one of the most musical drummers I have ever heard. His early work with Genesis not only provided a solid framework for the music, it brought the music alive.

When Peter Gabriel left in 75, Phil Collins took over the vocal role but still carried on with the dumming duties on all the albums. Do yourselves a favor and revisit both "Trick of the Tail" and "Wind and Wuthering" and just listen to the drumming, outstanding!

Phil Collins Drum set up

This is the typical drum set up Phil Collins has always used, this particular kit is a Gretch kit

2 Neil Peart


No doubt about it, Neil Peart was one of the biggest influences on me as a young drummer. I loved Rush right from when I started listening to them around 1976. The first track I ever heard was round a friends house and that was Bastille Day from the Caress of Steel album. From then on I was hooked. I bought the album and discovered the track "The Fountain of Lamneth" which used drums in a way I had never heard before. The next Album 2112 came out and that was it. They would play 3 nights at the Hammersmith Odeon and I was there all three nights!!

I bought every album and went to see them around the country until Signals came out in 82 and for me the golden age of Rush was over. I can still appreciate the music but it's not as mind blowing... maybe I'm just getting old!

The Neil Peart Drum Set up


1 John Bonham

The most influential drummer - ask any rock drummer!!! - May 31st 1948 to September 25th, 1980 R.I.P.

John Henry Bonham has got to be my No.1. I was listening to some old Zep albums on my iPod the other night and just listening to Bonham, and even now just totally blown away by the rhythm and swing he brings to the music. He's not the flashiest drummer in the world, he never used a big kit but in my book still the best drummer in rock by far.

The John Bonham Drum Kit

The classic Bonham kit is probably the most sought after of all Vistalite set ups. Bonham Vistalites were amber - a 26 inch bass drum with rail tom mount and bass-drum mounted cymbal stand; 14 inch rack tom; 16 & 18 inch floor toms and a 6.5 inch 402 snare drum.

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