Saturday, June 4, 2011

Top 10 LED TV review

10. Toshiba 55SV670U 

Toshiba 55SV670U box shot 
The Toshiba 55SV670U is pretty standard fare for LED TVs. It features a solid black bezel that wraps around the screen. There is a hint of silver near the bottom of the screen, which is where you will find the build in speakers. Unlike the newer TVs it is very easy to see where the speakers are and the overall design of the screen is much blockier. The 55 inch screen is supported by a matching pedestal base, but does not swivel for better viewing angles.

The Toshiba 55SV670U features a refresh rate of 240 Hz which is about average for most LED TVs. This allows the LED TV to maintain focus on objects that move across the screen quickly. This means that watching sporting events will be more enjoyable since you can actually see the ball in the air, rather than just a streak. Older TVs refresh at a rate of 60Hz which can produce motion blur which is why the dramatic improvement came into place with the newer LED TVs.

The LED backlight included on the Toshiba 52XV648 enables the TV to produce whiter and crisper whites while at the same time maintaining detail in the darker scenes. This combined with local dimming which allows the TV to shut off certain LEDs for darker scenes results in a LED TV that is capable of producing much greater detail in dark scenes. There were a few noticeable fading and blooming issues, but overall the local dimming did its job.

It’s good to see manufacturers listening to consumers now and including more HDMI inputs on their sets. The Toshiba 55SV670U features a total of 4 inputs, enough to connect all your digital devices and then some. Even though you might not have 4 HDMI devices now, there will be a time in the near future when you probably will. You will also find all of your basic composite and component inputs as well as an Ethernet port and a slot for memory cards. The one thing that is missing on this LED TV is a USB port for connecting your camera or camcorder.

The included PC input allows you to connect your VGA compatible computer with ease and use your LED TV as a computer monitor. This allows you to use your PC as a Blue-ray player, movie editor, slideshow display or anything else you simply want to see a little bigger. Editing movies and photos just got a lot easier.

The Toshiba 55SV670U is by no means your top of the line LED TV. The lack of internet apps and devices along with the mediocre display are just a few things this company has improved on in some of their older models. However, if you own an LCD TV and want to get a much better picture and not spend an arm and a leg for a high end LED TV, this could be a very good choice.

9. Vizio VF551XVT 

Vizio VF551XVT box shot 
 Vizio might be the new guy on the block when it comes to LED TVs, but they are quickly making some waves in the industry and it is no wonder with models like the Vizio VF551XVT. This older LED TV model from Vizio features an all black screen with a slim bezel that surrounds the 55 inch screen. Beneath the screen is a floating silver trim that in our opinion looks somewhat out of place compared to newer TV models, but it does distinguish this TV from the LED TV market. The screen is supported by a matching pedestal base.

A refresh rate of 240 Hz guarantees that everything from action movies to sports looks good on your TV. Having such a high refresh rate greatly reduces motion blur from moving images, such as those found in sports and in action movies. Typical LCD TVs refresh the image at a rate of 60 Hz, better TVs refresh at 120 Hz and the best go all the way up to 240 Hz. Vizio is really making a name for itself by offering high end features at their price points.

The LED backlights featured on the Vizio VF551XVT allow the TV to maintain detail on dark scenes while at the same time producing eye-searing whites. The Vizio VF551XVT also employs local dimming technology which allows the TV to turn off certain portions of the screen for greater contrast. This allows you to have the best picture quality in well lit rooms as well as in dark home theater rooms. Local dimming has greatly improved the overall picture quality found on all LED TVs. The VF551XVT was one of Vizios first local dimming LED TVs so the technology was new when this TV was made.

One of the major drawbacks to this TV is that fact that its response time is so high; at 8ms you will notice blurred images when the action gets intense. Most LED TVs now days have a response time of no more than 3ms. Along with the lengthy response time you will find that a 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio is also well below par for a high end LED TV. The only other thing we found that could have been improved is the thickness of the TV. At 5 inches thick you would almost think it has the old CCFL lighting instead of LED lighting. This makes the TV very hard to hang on a wall and in some situations hard to find a place for in your living room.

Included on the Vizio VF551XVT are a whopping 5 HDMI inputs. This means no more switching cables to connect various electronics to your TV. You can leave them all connected at the same time and easily switch between them using your remote.

The help and support found on Vizios site is another huge selling point for anyone looking to buy any type of electronic. You can contact them via phone, email or live chat; you will also find FAQs and online manuals for additional help if needed. Overall there are very few companies out there that do a better job with online help and support.

The Vizio VF551XVT has all the features you need and a price that you want to pay. The picture quality may not add up to that of some of our top ranked products, but if you want to save a little money and still get a good TV this may be a good choice.

8. LG 55LH90 

LG 55LH90 box shot 

The LG 55LH90 features an all black exterior which is typical of most LED TVs these days. The only visible distinction on the face of the TV is the LG logo placed prominently below the screen. The edges of the screen are straight on all sides except the bottom which has a slight curve to it. The gloss black chassis is so glossy that it is almost mirror-like. Beware if you put this in a room with a lot of ambient lighting because it will wash out the scren. The screen is also supported by a pedestal that matches both color and style to the screen.

With LED backlighting LG is able to employ local dimming technology. What this means is that in dark scenes the LED TV is able to reduce the brightness from the LEDs. Not only this, but in scenes with both bright and dark areas, the TV can reduce brightness in only the darker areas. This results in a picture that is capable of much higher contrast and detail. With all that being said this LED TV only has a contrast ratio of 2000000:1 which is well below par compared to the Vizio XVT553SV or any other new TV.

Most TVs refresh the image at 60 Hz. Better TVs refresh at 120 Hz. The best TVs refresh at 240 Hz. The LG 55LH90 is able to virtually eliminate motion blur thanks to its super fast refresh rate. This will keep fast moving objects in focus and detailed as they move across the screen. Now it is possible to watch and enjoy sporting events on your new TV.

The LG 55LH90 is one of only a few TVs to actually be THX certified. This means the TV has passed a series of tests designed to test a TV’s capabilities. Most of the tests center around its video processing capabilities which ultimately result in a finer picture. It also means that the display can present all HD and standard definition content at the maximum resolution with correct color and luminance levels. Even though it is THX certified the picture quality compared to our top ranked products it could use some improvement.

Most people were impressed by the excellent black levels and shadow detail. The TV was also able produce accurate color after some picture adjustments. The matte screen helps to diffuse light from bright rooms and ambient light. 4 HDMI inputs were plenty of connections for even the most avid videophile. While 240 Hz sounds good on the spec sheet, it was difficult to discern the benefits of such a fast response time.
Users were overall quite pleased with the LG 55LH90 but did notice some fading and blending of colors on some movies. The TV was easy to set up and made movies and sports take on a new level of realism.

LG is quickly making a name for itself in the LED TV business. It’s no wonder they are doing so well with older models such as the LG 55LH90 still out performing a lot of newer models. It has plenty of features and is priced now days much more reasonable for any home theater or living room setting.

7. Samsung UN55B7000 

Samsung UN55B7000 box shot 
 It’s no secret that Samsung has the market cornered when it comes to LED backlit LCD TVs. They have no fewer than 3 complete lines that feature LED. The Samsung UN55B7000, like its older brother the 8000 series, features a simple design. The high gloss bezel that surrounds the LED TV gives a sense of class to the set. The Samsung logo is displayed in its usual location, centered below the screen. The screen is supported by a matching pedestal base for those who choose to not wall mount the screen.

By using LED backlighting the Samsung UN55B7000 is only able to claim a 3,000,000:1 contrast ratio which is quite below par for an LED TV. The latest TVs released by Vizio and LG are both able to claim up to 10,000,000:1 contrast ratio which leaves the 7000 series far behind.

One of the biggest differences between this model and its bigger brother the 8000 series is the minimal 120 Hz refresh rate. Whereas the Samsung UN55B8000 features a 240 Hz refresh rate and the LG INFINIA 55LX9500 a 480 Hz which is top of the line when talking refresh rate. 120 Hz may be twice as fast as your typical LCD TV, which allows the TV to reduce or eliminate motion blur that can occur while watching anything with fast motion, but in the long run it just doesn’t add up.

The UN55B7000 is only 1.2 inches thick which, is a huge plus for a slightly older modeled LED TV. When combined with the optional Samsung wall mount it is possible to hang the TV and have it protrude less than 2 inches from the wall. Being able to hang your LED TV from the wall may not be a new idea but it sure is a nice way to take up a lot less space in a living room, bedroom or anywhere else in the house.

Up until recent this was one of the slimmest sets most people had seen. The Samsung UN55B7000 comes with two remotes, a small one used for primarily changing channels and a larger one that controls all other functions. The sound quality was adequate but not quite as good as other LCD sets. However, the overall picture was right around where we would have expected it to be for the price. When used with an external home theater system this delivers quite well but lacks a few image stability features and bright room performance.

Users were very impressed with the Samsung UN55B7000. The dark detail was simply amazing. The glossy screen seemed to help the picture quality although those who put it in a bright room were not too pleased. The menu system was a little cumbersome. There are a minimum of 3 buttons to press to simply change inputs, not a big deal but annoying.

The Samsung UN55B7000 is on the lower end of Samsungs LED TVs but still packs a punch when it comes to an LED TV. It may not have all the bells and whistles found in our high end LED TVs but overall does what it is meant to do.

6. Sony Bravia KDL55HX800 

Sony Bravia KDL55HX800 box shot 
Sony is a household name in the electronics industry. But sadly when it comes to LED TVs, they aren't on top. The Sony Bravia KDL55HX800 does offer 3D comparable to the Samsung UN55C8000 and is offered at a much better price, so if 3D is a must-have and you want to save a little money this may be a good choice for you. The HX800 series is the most affordable 3D TV available from Sony, but unfortunately you get what you pay for with this unit. The LED TV itself is quite thick at 2.9 inches and has right around the same specs you would expect to find on a mid-range LED TV.

Much like Samsung and LG, Sony understands the need for the latest and greatest technology and has attempted to compete in the new realm of 3D TVs. However, Sony's 3D still leaves a lot to be desired. That being said, Sony and Samsung are the only two companies who have been able to produce a 3D LED TV that is even somewhat decent.

Along with 3D capability, the Sony Bravia KDL55HX800 has what is called “Dynamic Edge” LED backlighting which gives this TV the ability to offer local dimming from an edge-lit array. This is very similar to standard local dimming but doesn't produce a true black; nor does it improve the picture quite as much.

At almost 3 inches, this LED TV is probably too thick to hang on the wall. However, just because it is somewhat thicker than the LG INFINIA 55LX9500, it is still an edge-lit LED TV and offers amazing quality overall.

As with all high-end TVs today, the Sony Bravia KDL55HX800 comes with all of your basic extras such as Netflix, YouTube, Pandora and many others. These are all offered through BRAVIA Internet Video, which is the program used to access all of these extras. These little extras have become a standard and will be seen on all TVs no matter if they are LED, 3D or LCD.

The Sony Bravia KDL55HX800 is a high-end LED TV that delivers in a lot of areas when it comes to what you see on the screen. That being said when it comes to the overall picture quality when watching Blu-rays or TV you may be somewhat disappointed in well let areas. It's frustrating to us that Sony doesn't publicize the contrast ratio and the refresh rate for this TV. While this won't be a factor to most buyers, it's definitely concerning when a company as well known as Sony holds back information as important as this from consumers. With that being said, we did find the picture quality to be very good in dark areas and to wash out a little in well-lit areas. Much like some of the higher-end LED TVs, the Sony Bravia KDL55HX800 will be a much better home theater TV than a living room TV if you want the best picture quality. There are plenty of adjustable picture settings, and overall the TV delivers where it counts.

The Sony Bravia KDL55HX800 has all of your basic HDMI connections as well as an Ethernet port, PC input and even a USB for connecting your camera or camcorder. The one thing this TV is missing is a memory card slot. Overall we were pleased with the connections found on the HX800.

Help & Support:
Sony is probably one of the best companies to work with when it comes to getting help and support on purchase orders, technical issues or anything you might have a question about with your Sony Bravia. They have built up a large work force that is knowledgeable about your specific needs and is available during regular business hours. An email and phone number are available, as well as a FAQs section and live chat for quick answers.

Sony has obviously focused a lot of their attention as of late on creating a 3D TV that actually looks good and produces realistic 3D effects. While the Sony Bravia KDL55HX800 may not be the top of the line when it comes to LED TVs, it is one of the better 3D TVs on the market. If you don’t mind buying a slightly thicker LED TV and don’t mind spending a little bit more for the 3D technology, this is the TV for you.

5. Samsung UN55B8000 

Samsung UN55B8000 box shotSamsung has positioned itself as one of the premier LCD TV makers which is no wonder with models like the Samsung UN55B8000 which is a year old and still stands out. This offering from Samsung features a 55 inch screen perfect for watching movies at home. The screen is surrounded by a glossy black bezel which displays the Samsung logo below the screen. The screen itself is only 1.2 inches deep which allows this model to be mounted on your wall with ease when using Samsung’s wall mount. This LED TV only protrudes from the wall an amazing 2 inches. The slim screen is supported by a crystal-clear neck which fits nicely with any room’s décor.

The Samsung UN55B8000 comes with two remotes: one that controls all the functions of the television and another, smaller one that only controls basic functions such as power, next channel and volume. The TV menu is not accessible using this remote. It is also important to note that the B8000 is one of their most eco-friendly LED TVs. It consumes as much as 40 percent less power than traditional LCD TVs and is mercury free. Not a bad feat considering LCD TVs already consume less power than traditional TV sets and plasmas.
The Samsung UN55B8000 LED TV also features networking capabilities. Now you can download additional content from various providers. This LED TV provides more entertainment options than you have time. It also offers some of the most advanced features found on televisions today.

The LED backlight technology featured on the B8000 series allows this LED TV to produce brightness levels that weren’t possible before. In addition, since it uses LED technology, the TV is able to dim certain portions of the screen allowing for greater contrast. While some LEDs burn as bright as possible, others could be turned down or even off to allow for better depth and detail in dark scenes. The contrast ratio of this TV however was a little below par for a high end television, at only 5,000,000:1 it could greatly use some improvement.
Since the Samsung UN55B8000 refreshes at a rate of 240 Hz, there is virtually no motion blur. This is especially noticeable while watching sporting events or any other program with fast moving objects. This makes everyday TV viewing more enjoyable as well. 4 HDMI inputs are enough for even the most serious videophile. Connect your HD cable or satellite box, your Xbox 360 or PS3, HD camcorder and any other number of devices that utilize the HDMI connection.
The brightness levels were very high while also being able to maintain deep, detailed blacks. The video performance was quite good but did have some fading when the TV is in well lit areas. Gone are the days of slow responding LCD TVs. Since this TV uses LED backlighting it is also more environmentally friendly. The aesthetics of the Samsung UN55B8000 also impressed the critics. The swiveling stand rotates 20 degrees which allows for better viewing angles when necessary.

You will be able to find a number of HDMI inputs, component inputs and a variety of other connections. All of these allow you to plug in and get everything and anything you can think of working without the need of buying extra gadgets.

Help & Support:
Samsung offers just about anything you could want from an online retailer and is able to provide help on just about anything. The only thing they do lack are online user manuals which could be an issue if you lose the one that comes with your TV.

The B8000 is one of the better LED TVs you will find at such a cheap price. If you are in need of a TV that offers a lot and won’t break the bank, the Samsung UN55B8000 might just be your next TV.

4. LG INFINIA 55LE8500 

LG INFINIA 55LE8500 box shot 
When it comes to finding an LED TV that has a sleek look and delivers on picture quality, LG has been in the competition for quite some time. Even though the LG INFINIA 55LE8500 isn’t the latest and greatest model LG has released, it's still in the running thanks to its stacked feature set, great picture quality and high performance without the high price tag. Unlike the LG 55LX9500, which offers the new 3D technology, the 8500 is only available in the standard 2D. While this may seem like a major drawback, it really isn't; 3D technology is still in the works and has many issues that still need to be worked out. We would suggest holding off on 3D technology for the time and waiting until it gets perfected before purchasing a 3D-capable LED TV.

The LG INFINIA 55LE8500 really does shine in a variety of areas, the first being the ultra thin 1.4-inch thick display, which makes it perfect for hanging on a wall or simply for putting it in an entertainment center. It also features a one-sheet glass design which gives the TV a look of being one large piece, even though the glass is separate. This means the 55LE8500 LED TV looks good from any angle. As with any good electronic product these days, the 8500 series comes with all of your internet apps and widgets; these include YouTube, Netflix, Vudu, Picasa and a host of other things to keep you up to speed with anything and everything.
One thing that LG really does well is allow you to change a variety of display settings so you can get the perfect picture no matter where you place your LED TV. The LG INFINIA 55LE8500 shows how this can be done with a handful of options for just about any setting. The only real major flaw with this LED TV is that it doesn't have the ability to stream audio, which means you will have to use YouTube or some other widget for this feature. It also lacks the ability to view 3D video which at the moment is not a huge ordeal, but in the very near future could bring this TV down quite a bit.

The display on this LED TV is both one of its strongest points and one of its weakest. It compares to the amazing display found on the Vizio XVT553SV when it comes to local dimming and amazing black and white light filtering, but falls flat in well-lit areas. If you plan on putting this LED in a living room or other well-lit area you may want to rethink your decision. LG designed this LED TV with a glass front that reflects a lot of glare, which is always annoying when you watch TV during the day or while the lights are on. There is also the issue of constantly having to clean the screen every time someone touches it.

Overall the display on this LED TV is perfect for those planning on putting it in a theater room or somewhere with few windows or not much lighting. The LG INFINIA 55LE8500 also does quite well when viewed from the side.

The LG INFINIA 55LE8500 has four HDMI inputs, two component video inputs, a PC input and of course an Ethernet port for connecting your TV to the internet. We would like to have seen built in Wi-Fi for those who don’t want to run wires all over the house just to get internet on their TV. Other than the lack of Wi-Fi this LED TV has all of the basic connections anyone would need to get things up and running smoothly.

Help & Support:
LG has been in the business of creating quality electronics for some time now and have always been there when needed. You can contact them in just about any way you can think of, the easiest and quickest way would be through their live chat option. You can also contact them via email or over the phone with any questions about your INFINIA LED TV. As with most TVs these days, they offer a one-year warranty and have a very good staff working on keeping you happy.

The LG INFINIA 55LE8500 LED TV has a lot of bells and whistles to keep your viewing experience exciting. The picture quality is one of the best we have seen but falls flat if the TV is located in a room with a lot of lighting. You are going to pay quite a bit less than the LX9500 series but will lose out on the up and coming 3D technology and some additional display features. However, if you want to save some money and aren’t into the 3D movement we would recommend the LG INFINIA 55LE8500 for the reduced price.

3. Samsung UN55C8000 

Samsung UN55C8000 box shot 

Samsung has always been one of the top competitors when it comes to the latest and greatest in TVs of any shape or size. The Samsung UN55C8000 which received our TopTenREVIEWS Bronze Award is a perfect example of what they can do with a technology like LED lighting. At just under an inch thick this is the thinnest LED TV on the market but comes with a slightly higher price tag than others. The UN55C8000 is also the first 3D TV Samsung has released and they've done a better job than most with this new technology. They have also integrated a new apps platform which will continue to grow for as long as you have the TV.

The Samsung UN55C8000 is the thinnest LED TV on the market today. At just under an inch thick it is truly amazing to see what this new technology can provide. Not only is this TV insanely thin but it also offers local dimming – even for darker blacks – and it's got one of the deepest set of color variations available today. As we mentioned before, the Samsung UN55C8000 is 3D capable, but there is very little content for it at the moment and we are sure that 3D technology still has a long way to go before it's flawless. That being said, Samsung does provide one of the highest quality 3D experiences in an LED TV and will most likely stay up to date on anything that can be done to improve it.
Samsung has also released a new apps platform that is very similar to iPhone apps. You will have the capability of going into an apps menu where you will find a variety of different apps including Netflix, Vudu, weather services and even a few games. They have also come out and said the apps page will continue to grow, which means you'll be able to enjoy extras on this LED TV for years to come. The one thing that does present a small problem is that there is no Wi-Fi; you will have to run a wire to your TV in order to access the internet.

The first thing people look at when purchasing a new LED TV is not the amount of apps it has or how many HDMI connections you can find, but how good the picture is. If your first impression of a TV's picture is just average, odds are you're not going to purchase that specific TV. Samsung more than understands the need for picture quality and performance in any setting or room in the house. The Samsung UN55C8000 has a new 10p IRE system which allows you to change the color temperature so that every color stands out just how you want it to. Unlike other LED TVs, the Samsung UN55C8000 has the ability to adjust the dimming in different areas of the screen; this allows you to create the best picture no matter your seat in the room. The slightly lower 8,000,000:1 contrast ratio and 2ms response time could both be increased, but overall the slight difference from this TV to, say, the Vizio XVT553SV was minimal at best.

Because this LED TV is so thin, the panel for connections had to be manipulated so all the appropriate connections could be added. The problem with this is that all of the analog connections require break-off connections which can cause problems if you happen to lose one. It also clutters up the back of your TV with extra cables that really shouldn’t be there in the first place. That being said it is a minor thing and this TV does offer the basic connections you would find on any other LED TV today.

Help & Support:
Samsung has been in the business of helping their customers for quite some time and have a very good grasp on this very important aspect of running a business. Like most other electronics companies, you can contact them through email, a phone call or by simply getting online and chatting with a representative. There is also a FAQs page which has the majority of answers because most people have the same issues as you. The one thing we could not find was an online manual for these LED TVs, which is not the end of the world, but it is a nice bonus if you lose the one that comes with your TV.

The Samsung UN55C8000 LED TV has a few things that could be improved such as the 3D picture and a few minor image issues, but overall it is a quality LED TV and offers a variety of extras for the entire family. It may not be the best LED TV on the market today, but it is by far the thinnest and most appealing to look at. If you want a TV that can fit anywhere in the house and you don’t mind spending a little more money, this is the TV for you.

2. LG INFINIA 55LX9500 

LG INFINIA 55LX9500 box shot 
LG has been a huge competitor for decades in the world of television technology. The new LG INFINIA 55LX9500 LED TV lives up to the high standard they set for themselves. The one thing that makes this TV stand out against the crowd is its 3D image technology. Its 3D technology has some kinks that need to be worked out, but they still pull it off to an extent. The 55LX9500 is one of the thinnest side-lit LED TVs we have seen, at just under an inch thick. While it does offer a ton of features and has some new technology, you’ll need to have some spare change to buy this TV. Even though it does cost a little more than other TVs it received our TopTenREVIEWS Silver Award because of the outstanding picture quality, slick design and overall huge list of features available.

Like any high-end LED TV on the market today, the LG INFINIA 55LX9500 has a ton of extras to keep you entertained without ever leaving the couch. The 9500 series has more or less the same widgets and apps you will find on the LG INFINIA 55LE8500; these include YouTube, Vudu, Picasa and a variety of other widgets to play around with. These are all powered by Yahoo. We expect more apps to be coming out in the near future. While it does have a large selection of extras, the list doesn’t compare to that of the Vizio XVT553SV which offers an almost endless number of things to do and is very easy to navigate.

One thing that really makes the LG INFINIA 55LX9500 stand out against the crowd is its very slick and thin design. The black border around the screen is one of the thinnest we've seen, which makes the viewing area much larger. This is something we are expecting to see from future LED TVs because of the very good look and slightly larger viewing area on the screen. This LED TV is also just over 1 inch thick, making it one of the thinnest LED TVs on the market. This also allows you to easily access all of the connections when you hook up all your components. Overall the features on the LG INFINIA 55LX9500 make it very easy to use and provide hours of fun for just about anyone.

The display is by far the most important thing to look at when purchasing a new LED TV. Anyone can produce a TV with lots of little doodads and extras that make it look like it is going to blow you away, but you can't fake quality when it comes to the picture on the screen. LG understands that picture quality is the most important feature on a high-quality LED TV and has thus spent a lot of time focusing on the 3D and 2D displays. Much like the LG INFINIA 55LE8500, this model does an outstanding job when it comes to local dimming and amazingly true color on a large screen. But much like the older model, the LG INFINIA 55LX9500 still has a glass front which has a lot of glare and washes out in well-lit rooms.

We found a few issues with the 2D picture quality on this model. We think they focused so much on the 3D aspect of this TV that they neglected to ensure good2D quality. At times the 1080p display is a little below par, and when the color saturation and dimming settings are lowered you can actually see a blue tint from the LED lights. While these issues certainly aren't prevalent, if you’re going to spend the money for an LED TV you want to get a product you're really happy with. LG may have noticed this slight lack in picture quality and thus implemented a very complex set of display adjustments. There is almost nothing you can’t tweak just a little to enhance the picture. This is a huge plus and makes some of the minor issues go to the back of your mind because they can most likely be fixed if you spend the time to do so.

Like most high-end LED TVs on the market today, the LG INFINIA 55LX9500 is set up with all the basic connections to get a basic home entertainment center set up and ready to go. The four HDMI inputs, two component video inputs and a few extras like an Ethernet port, PC input and two USB connections make things very easy to set up. The only thing we would like to see on this TV is a slot for memory cards; however, you can connect your camera or camcorder directly to the USB port if you wish to do so. Overall the connections are easy to access and there are no extra cables needed to get your LED TV up and running.

Help & Support:
A company that backs up their products with great service is a company that will keep people coming back for more. LG has been in the business of online shopping for quite some time and offers a variety of ways for anyone to get help with purchasing, maintenance or any other issues. LG's online chat is by far the easiest way to get the answers you need about your LED TV without waiting for an email response or waiting on hold for someone to pick up the phone. There are also online manuals in case you lose the one that comes with the TV. Sadly we could not find a FAQs page, which for some is the easiest way to get the answers you need without ever contacting the company itself.

The LG INFINIA 55LX9500 LED TV produces some of the clearest and most stable images when the settings are right and when you are in a well-lit room. And if you're planning to use this TV in a home theater room it will get the job done with flying colors. We understand that 3D is a new technology, but LG still dropped the ball compared to other companies that have produced much higher quality 3D TVs. If you are willing to pay a little extra for a 3D TV that we hope will improve with some updates and one that produces an amazing picture, this is the LED TV for you.

1. Vizio XVT553SV 

Vizio XVT553SV box shot 
Vizio has come a long way over the past century and has finally stepped up to the plate with an amazing LED TV that outshines the rest with its overall high picture quality and affordable price. We were actually a bit surprised to see the brand name Vizio come out on top when it came to decision time. While the Vizio XVT553SV LED TV may not be the thinnest and most amazing TV to look at in terms of slick rounded curves, it makes up for it with outstanding picture quality and overall ease of use. It is one of the first TVs from this company to really compare to other large companies such as Samsung, Sony and LG. The XVT553SV officially received our TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award and stands among the best LED TVs on the market today with its amazing black levels and true color levels.

Having a lot of extras has become a standard for any type of electronic device these days. A TV can no longer just be a simple TV – nowadays it must be able to access Facebook, play YouTube videos and keep you entertained for hours on end. Good thing most companies understand this and have implemented a ton of extras to keep people happy. The XVT553SV offers a very unique and quite handy feature known as the VIA (Vizio Internet Apps system) which includes Netflix, videos on demand, Vudu and a handful of other apps. There is also a Wikipedia search, Facebook, eBay and many other online features. All of these new apps and features can be accessed on an easy-to-use navigation bar that will appear on the bottom of the LED TV screen. If you are not the type to run cords all over your house but still want internet access, the XVT553SV also has Wi-Fi for wireless browsing and downloading.

One of the other standout features found on this TV is its matte screen, which is quite rare among leading LED TVs today. This type of screen allows for superior image quality in well-lit rooms, which is ideal for those wanting a large TV in their living room or other room with large windows or bright lights. The only major drawback we found with this TV was the fact that it is about 3 inches thick (without a stand). This makes hanging it on a wall or putting it on a thin shelf above the fireplace a little more difficult. However, if you're planning on placing it in an entertainment center you should have no problem with the somewhat thicker pane.

The TV comes with a remote control that has a built-in keyboard for quick searching or writing a Tweet. The remote also has Bluetooth so you don’t have to aim the remote directly at the TV. While these small additions may not make or break your decision on what LED TV to purchase, they are nice extras that do make things easier.

The Vizio XVT553SV compares to and exceeds the overall picture quality of black levels and color performance found on other high-end LED TVs on the market. That being said, the picture settings on the TV are quite minimal and could use a little help to compete in this area with other high-end LED TVs. While the two point gray scale is a little below par, there are nine different preset picture settings that will allow you to get the most out of this amazing device without spending hours playing with picture settings.

When it comes time to find a TV that has the most amazing picture there are a few things you will want to look for before making any final decisions. The refresh rate, contrast ratio and response time are some of the big players in the display world. This amazing TV has the highest contrast ratio we have seen at 10,000,000:1, which means you are going to get the brightest whites and the deepest blacks possible. The 240Hz refresh rate is about par for LED TVs found on the market; yet some go all the way up to 480Hz. One of the more disappointing features on this LED TV the response time of 5ms, which is well below par compared to the 1ms response time of the LG INFINIA 55LX9500.

Overall the Vizio XVT553SV LED TV has some of the truest color and highest quality picture in light and dark settings. There were some issues with blooming where light colors bled into blacks, but for the most part this was either nonexistent or just unnoticeable. As always the matte screen is perfect for those who want to keep that amazing picture even when there is an excessive amount of light in the room. It also reduces the amount of glare you would typically get on glass screens.

The Vizio XVT553SV has all of the basic connections found on any high-end LED TV; these include five HDMI ports (four on the back and one on the side). An Ethernet port, PC port and your basic component input can all be found on the back side of the TV and are all very easy to access. There are also three USB ports, which make viewing pictures or watching video from your camcorder or camera quick and painless. Overall you should be able to find any of the basic ports needed to get your LED TV up and running; however, if you really want to enjoy your viewing experience we would suggest you look into purchasing an AV receiver so you can connect all your extra toys.

Help & Support:
Vizio has one of the best help and support found on any of the online companies selling electronics today. Having someone at your side throughout the deciding and purchasing process is a must when it comes to online shopping. Once you have purchased an item it is a huge comfort to know that if something goes wrong you will be able to find the answers you need to get you on your way again. Vizio understand this concept very well and has designed a help and support structure to prove it.

In today’s competitive world of electronics it can be tough to know which products really offer high quality for a decent price. Lucky for you, Vizio's true colors come out when they're put to the test. The Vizio XVT553SV has by far the best picture and is one of the easiest LED TVs to set up and use. If you want to save a ton of money and don’t mind having a slightly thicker display, this is the LED TV for you.
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