Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Misterious Moai

a small island in south pacific ocean is the home for huge statues. their presence has astonished many scientists, archaeologist and even tourists. The people are called "Rapanui" and the island is called "Rapa Nui" or The Big Rapa, also known as seclusion Island. Located 2,300 miles west from south america and 2,500 miles east from Tahiti. This Island is one of the most mysterious island on earth.
The Moai statue stone originated from Rano Raraku, an inactive volcano mountain on that island. but how can they transport these huge stone (around 14 to 18 tons) from mountains to places around the mountains. According to locals, their ancestors used "Mana" or Supernatural Powers to order the "Maoi" to walk. Some believed that this island is the edge of the prehistoric world, meanwhile some are speculating about the extraterrestrial involvement.


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