Sunday, January 8, 2012

Rome Empire was Built in one night

According to a report from america website, archaeolog has recently founded an evident which proof that the roman kingdom was built at 13 August 625 BC and finished before the sun sets. The archaeologist has founded a roll of document and contract signed by Julius Caesar. It's stated latin-written contract, " we are from developer company Aljeida Babylon which agreed that at 13 august 625 BC will started to work and completed buildings of roman kingdom, if we can't finished it on time, your highness Caesar can cut our head and give it to the beast as meal."

People aware that roman kingdom territory is 280 thousands meter square. Inside there are lots of city, towns, rivers, mountains, theaters, museum, water systems, Piazza, etc. It's beyond belief that the roman kingdom can be built in one day. a historian said that this thing is alike pyramid, which is the mystery of all time.


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